by Sean Pravica
her eyes were searching for a reason
to the throbbing sore
bursting wide open
on her pale knee
it took a moment to register
that blood could be so impatient
as it gargled out angrily
like the mysterious milky ooze
from a rusty pipe her dad swore over
trying to seal the day before
today she wanted him to fix her knee
but when he got to her
he bent over
put his hands on his knees
panted hard and out of breath
meanwhile the blood was thick
collecting into a rich crimson swamp
she kicked at the sideways bicycle
sending its slowing wheels
spinning hard again
like it was completely to blame
for her missing the ice cream man
her dad held her and wondered
how she would react when she heard about mom
and her packed suitcases
and then he wondered
looking deeper into his daughter’s swelling eyes
glassy and wide like a mountain valley
smog choked and weary
if there was much difference
between the two of them at all

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  1. Very good. Leaves you momentarily in confusion why the father hesitates, imitating how one would act when confronted with two injuries come together. Good psychological detail; eg.: “she kicked the sideways bicycle…”; and description; eg.: “the blood was thick collecting into a rich crimson swamp.”

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