Closer to My Home

Closer to My Home
by Kenneth Sibbett
Closer to My Home
we were the losers
but only grand losers
unbeatable together
so they tore us apart
miscreants and fools
labeled a FishFace, and I
the loyal FishFace friend
we fought the good fight
no one wins them all
but they knew we were there
as we walked away laughing
bleeding, with torn clothes
our dignity intact
with Bo the Amazin’ Flyin’ Squirrel
tucked safely away in your pocket
we were comedians
and famous rock stars
and Ping Pong champions
of the whole wide world
crammed into my tiny basement
like true champions we were
you were my Abbott
I your Costello
and we killed on Sullivan, always
you kept your secrets, you and Bo
and learned to fly, you and Bo
and when they succeeded
in separating us for good
you went with the Captain
to be Closer to Home
as I stood and stared and sobbed
as the water and wind
captured your ship
and took you far away
to places I’ll never see
but you are now “The Captain”
of your own pirated ship
as time has marched along
I’ll soon ride for the first time
in your magnificent ship
I’m feeling Closer to my Home
everyday, FishFace and his FirstMate
Sailing the Seven Seas
for you are my Captain
and we will fight injustices
that could make a boy
want to fly away from home
to sail unknown waters
to become a man
and a Captain’s Captain..,

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  1. Seems like a rites of passage from the 1950s-60s when both Ed Sullivan and Abbott and Costello were on TV, and the two friends were growing up. FishFace is the narrator, the other unidentified, Bo the Amazin’ Flyin’ Squirrel, a made-up spiritual playmate. “Grand losers” but with “dignity intact,” they sailed forth world champions if only “crammed into my tiny basement.” That is until they’re separated by “they”–the real world–and “you” flies off with Bo to become Captain of his own ship. The narrator then has to learn for himself “to sail unknown waters” and “fight injustices” as the two did before, and become his own Captain. But life then is an odyssey steering ever “closer to my home” of childhood. Very poignant, particular-personal, imaginative, and evocative. Reaches anyone who has had to grow up and become his or her own person.

  2. I like this piece. The graphic was fantastically fitting. The thing is, there is so much bullying and hatred in the world. Too many people suffer unnecessarily.

  3. I like this piece. The graphic was fantastically fitting. The thing is, there is so much bullying and hatred in the world. Too many people suffer unnecessarily.

  4. Thank You Sheila. I guess their will always be the bullied and the bully, but now it seems the Nerds are taking over. Bill Gates would have gotten killed in some of the schools I went to.
    Randall, thank you for commenting. You got a lot of it right, just a few minor details away. But my buddy Giano committed suicide after I moved away and it still hurts to this day. I guess it always will~

  5. Sorry to know about the suicide. It seems to me from the poem that your buddy moved away, “went with the Captain,” and later became “‘The Captain’ of (his) own pirated ship,” but I can see how the Captain could be God, or Death, and that “home” could refer to death as well as your childhood home. Whichever, you and Giano are still together, fighting injustice and losing grandly, in you.

  6. I always enjoy reading your work Kenny and this one was no different. It was a very good piece and I hope to see more here in the future.

  7. It’s good to see your work again, Mr. Sibbett. Sorry to about the passing of your friend. It sounds like you had very fond childhood memories together and am remembering him in a warm light in spite of the loss. Funny how, as grown men, we always seem to remember how we saw the world through our youth. Thx. for sharing!

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