when you ran over a yellow lab

Moon Rise at Juno Beach Fishing Pier
when you ran over a yellow lab
by Travis Catsull
when the moon rises
the moon of a hundred equal faces
the flesh apple
the fresh smell of saturday earth
and mindlessness of my personal honeycomb
opens the door
we are only flying through the roots
of white luxury
the comments
so crunchy in the flank of hard candy
we anniversary in the meadow
we read books in the tomb
we are ink wells in the snow drift
spilling slow pajamas and velvet drapes
in outer austin
brass and moss
unarmed feathers
perfumed artichoke
slept carrots
standing cabbage
physical peas
let’s move on
i’m astonished by your tonsils
you are the collapsed bosom of my clouds
as i watch cars aflame
in the single sea
like some slice of glass
in the foot of a horse
for the voice
of a portrait
so all of this
i could edit away
and then it went down
and then it went towards the navigating goose
i go in search
of magicians
the dark archer
approaches my hat
our burnt out eyes
and foes
notice your shoes
are a perfect
i cough the root of dawn
sweet little life shits
let’s talk
let’s talk about cash for gold
let’s talk ourselves towards the coast
cuz the midwest just don’t fucking pay enough
the leprous walls
of your stomach
soothe a shoelace of wild foam
where did the tiger purchase
its breathe of dark carnation?
i donno
it’s getting late
and there is a hot moon
a very hot moon
for us to tax

0 thoughts on “when you ran over a yellow lab

  1. Seems like it’s about the economy. Seems like it’s about consumerism. Seems like it’s about conformism. Seems like it’s about unsavory relationships. Seems like it’s about self-destruction. Seems like it’s about appreciating the little things. And then there’s the title. I think it all ties together into one package of doubt, guilt, dissatisfaction, anger, and spite–for life in contemporary America.

  2. I must love it because I took it personal and it hurt my feelings a bit. When I can read a poem that seems like it was aimed at me it helps me recognize the ridiculous nature of my ego and the universality of my experience. This is one such poem to me.

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