Review of 2 Movies

300Review of the movies “300” and “Titanic”
by Terry Coburn
My favorite movie is the 300 movie because I can usually relate to it after I watch it on my dvd at home. I can relate to ancient times and kicking jerks down into wells when I get mad about something and screaming a lot and running and blood everyplace and kicking some jerk all over the place when he won’t let me buy cigarettes even though I can get cigarettes at the howdy doody next to the cash-and-carry. Fuck that guy anyway.
My sister’s favorite movie is the Titanic mostly because that hot dude is in it that she wants to do it with and because only girls want to watch it even though my buddy lance said he would do it with him, Lance is a fag for saying that to me but I still let him hang out at the cash-and-carry when he’s not being a fag because he brings me poppers and I like those.

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  1. At first I thought this was a serious review and was pretty baffled that it got on here, and then I read it more. I’d like to see more length to pieces like this to push your humor.

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