Sinatra, Sinatra

Sinatra, Sinatra
by Paul Fericano
Sexual reference:
A protruding sinatra
is often laughed at by serious women.
Medical procedure:
A malignant sinatra
must be cut out by a skilled surgeon.
Violent persuasion:
A sawed-off sinatra
is a dangerous weapon at close range.
Congressional question:
Do you deny the charge of ever being
involved in organized sinatra?
Prepared statement:
Kiss my sinatra.
Blow it out your sinatra.
Financial question:
Will supply-side sinatra halt inflation?
Empty expression:
The sinatra stops here.
The sinatra is quicker than the eye.
Strategic question:
Do you think it’s possible to win
a limited nuclear sinatra?
Stupid assertion:
Eat sinatra.
Hail Mary full of sinatra.
Serious reflection:
Sinatra this, sinatra that.
Sinatra do, sinatra don’t.
Sinatra come, sinatra go.
There’s no sinatra like show sinatra.
Historical question:
Is the poet who wrote this poem
still alive?
Biblical fact:
Man does not live by sinatra alone.

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