by Casey Bush
While yet another airport official intervened
Thought of my neighbor purchasing Meow Mix
Requesting that I save her place in line at the store
Sprinted back to grab an onion
Knew she didn’t keep a cat
But like the rest of us
Knee deep in Tsunami debris
When I was detained at the boarding gate
After refusing a full body scan
In favor of the manual pat down
Was it something I said?
Forced to sign a release waiver
Is my name on the “No Fly” list?
Questions best answered by a form letter
Providing legal options and culinary advice
Encouraging supplementation of the in-flight fare
With shallots, scallions or garlic.

0 thoughts on “SPICE OF LIFE

  1. Amusing mixture of waiting in airport and consumer lines. But also with the Tsunami reference to personal space invasions, kind of terrible.

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