Letter Form

form letter
by Halifax
(today’s date)
Dear (insert word),
Thanks for occurring to me as an option. The possibilities within the meaning and implication (insert word) offers intrigued me as both a poet and a reader. Unfortunately, I will not be including the connotation it implies. (Insert word) does not fit the theme or intention motivating my poem in it’s current form.
Once again, I’d like to express gratitude on behalf of my poem for the suggestion. I regret that I was unable to find a purpose for (insert word) in my work.
My best wishes in securing placement in a future poem. I will retain the word for use in my vocabulary. Bear in mind, this is not a judgement on the quality or value of (insert word). I may reconsider should on-going revisions reveal a benefit in the use of the term.
(Insert a form of the word as a backhanded pleasantry)
The Poet-in-Chief

4 thoughts on “Letter Form

  1. Yes. Thank our muse that we don’t have to fill this out every time we censor a word for a poem. One thing poetry hopes to do is triumph over bureaucracy. Very amusing.

    1. Bureaucrazy: (Noun) bj???r?’kr?z?
      a person acting as a functionary to records of communications that require prior records of communications to record communications required prior to the created records of communications in question.
      Example: The bureacrazy at the desk would not issue me my ID until I could produce an ID to prove who I am.
      It is my intention to pair this poem with one that has a list of potential candidates and an awaiting space available to them so the reader can act as the arbiter of which word is the best candidate for the opening. I invite any one that would like to prepare such a poem to collaborate on this pairing. Ideally, this poem would hinge on the inherent meanings of each word so that the end result(s) have ironic, insightful, and/or humorous appeal.
      Perhaps a third person should prepare the list of words for the prospective poet to ponder in private deliberations before they take on the challenge of coaxing the second poem in this pairing.
      Three word candidates, anyone?

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