A New Mayan Letter

potts hermiston
A New Mayan Letter
by Charles Potts
For Joshua and Jeremy
South of the border
The many borders
Where rich Texas Cubans will erect walls
For the poor to fly over
On their way to heaven
Though it may not be as heavenly
As its proponents take pains to point out.
It’s been a long time
Since I was young
Driven apparently to excess
By roads that stopped at the water’s edge,
The border crossings
Bearing the failures of bureaucracy.
Get old or die
Are the only choices
But living beyond the means
Act young and get real
Make good second choices.
The American dream is rattling the sheets
Of a population asleep in it.
Without a frame
The picture goes on forever.

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  1. I think this is about the American dream being promoted to any emigrant as viable if you follow a few wide-open rules applicable anywhere; the difference being that the dream keeps on showing itself to be only a dream that for all our dashed hopes “rattling the sheets” won’t end if we continue believing in it.

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