Stained Glass World

Stained Glass World
by JD DeHart
Projected onto the far stone wall
In kaleidoscopic rumination
A strangely polite
Ridiculously Caucasian hagiography.

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  1. “Hagiography” is writing about the lives of saints; which befits stained glass. But maybe we shouldn’t be so literal. The image is “projected” onto a “far stone wall”–perhaps a representation of a window, but also, more generally, civilization. “Rumination” brings us into the realm of thought, contemplation, beyond the realm of imaging. “Polite” is another reference to civilization–civilized behavior.
    “Ridiculously Caucasian” narrows that to white European civilization. Coming back to hagiography, it seems that something is being sanctified that the poet considers ridiculous–perhaps all “Western” civilization. This is all we have to work on here, but it could be a putdown of the way we in this part of the world and time have been taught to think: stained by specious “sacred,” written in stone, preconceptions, which color and distort everyone’s lives.

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