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  1. Interpreting this: “Astrad”‘s (radio’s); “Chico-cof” ([twitter] instantly connect to what’s most important to you); “movelator” (LED video); “Tce” (degreasing agent for metal parts); “Blitzbuggy” (WW II jeep prototype or modern-day firefighting equipment); “Petts,” “April,” and “Whaley” could be just names. It does seem to portray the violence of some kind of warfare ending in death. (“Whaley simpers for the dead.”) Abortion also involved–a pro-lifer death. Audio, video, and war-type equipment combine, which makes sense for a war movie. Overall, it may not be about war specifically, but a composite of warring vectors in today’s culture: communication, livelihoods, consumerism, sexual relations; a general malaise that could mean curtains for civilization.

  2. Thanks for laying the groundwork and researching some of these terms/words in the poem, Randall. It makes a huge difference. Good point about the piece being a mash of ‘warring vectors’. ‘Chico-cof’ and ‘movelator’ seems anachronistic if we’re talking about war movie screens from 1976 to 1978 but maybe it’s in there to give a sense of current relevance and the timelessness of struggle. I appreciated the printed zine look and feel of the poem. It reminds me of something i’d read in a pocket zine. Thanks for sharing Mr. Barnes!

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