by Halifax
Circle of Willis
inside there in each of us
a halo throbs hidden behind
the passing magnetic beat
our electric drum pounds out
symbols crash there unperturbed
sight crosses beneath scent
gets passed over by sound hairs
under the seat of a lizard tongue
here at the point all senses meet
converged at the lip of self-control
rhythm hand feeds the halos a measure
poured loose upon the creature
this junction learns by example
a song made up of pulse and pause
memorized so early in contraction
the loop enshrines it as divine
an audience to it we broadcast
converting strangers into partners
just as witnesses firsthand each
ask God the other to dance inside them
both expecting one to lead
these partial patterns
brought together obliges
sweeping them completely off their feet

0 thoughts on “movement

  1. What constitutes the self, and his or her identity and self-control? The poem indicates there is something divine in us that we access through the senses and by progressive learning, which may be no more than indoctrination, or programming of a machine. God may in fact be part of the program, and we go about our lives dancing with others and our notion of God, each expecting the other to lead. The result: what we say and do may have little effect, much less control.

    1. I should also share that in the poem I included white text. Drag cursor to reveal. It is a device I use (way too often)that works sometimes (better than others). As a device, the role it fills is as a heckler between the poem and the reader that can either be ignored as an irreverent distraction or included as essential to the impact of the poem.
      Not sure why this went up as a Guest Writer (instead of as one from Halifax). Is there a way to change that link to connect to my collection?

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