Digging a Hole To China

Digging a Hole To China
by Pat A Physics
The shovel to the door to the sidewall,
I almost finished digging a hole to China.
And all the dirt that encloses my habitat,
it keeps people away. It’s kind of nice.
I’m busier in my kitchen with food.
I’ve missed too many hockey games
and now there are neighbors talking.
Well, the hills look quite industrial,
they say. If they knew how close I was…
Down there I can hear muffled Chinese,
conversations that I will soon be a part of.
The headlines on both sides of the world
will be dominated by this void I created.
I’d let them explore my tunnel on TV
and shake my grubby hand full of dirt.

1 thought on “Digging a Hole To China

  1. Reminds me of a poet digging his way into reclusiveness: “all the dirt encloses my habitat, it keeps people away.” Outsiders remark on the industry but are unaware of the results. He’s making a connection with the opposite side of the world, and yet it may as well be a “void I created.” The headlines and TV coverage are mere fantasies compared to the testament of his “grubby hand;” at least in his mind, the enormous distance that has been displaced. Keep on working! The effort is its own reward.

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