ala aram

ala aram
by Oscar Smiles
where will we go from here sister tarcairteann…a long bless-ed ride…the ride needs to have expect….twas wicked….hehe…the inspection stuck…its wet up this way….irish spring…auperioress meanma agus misneach…chanting ala aram lift off…funny adagio cantabile…la symphonie des jouets…kv 522…the talking nuns were frum hightower to leaningtower screaming fuck that…im gonna climb right up behind you and put my hands over your eyes and say guess who and pop one and free fall tandem and lick ur bite…yank at eves treat per say…isogamy chordata the helmet lizard…betulaceae palaeocarpinus back from the dead…the back of your head blue with rhapsody & red with frame of mind…the warts?….they are now welts…the welts are now covered by lapelles….the lapelles have ruby buttons…ruby longwaved goodbye and sent the holy o.s. packing…no rights no minerals….no minerals no rites…fadhb ar bith…damn fool

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  1. Google search for “ala aram”: a particular biblical region, kingdom, or people; “tarcairteann”: a game?; “superioress” instead of “auperioress” is a mother superior (nun), so that’s a link to “sister tarcairteann;” “meanma agus misneach”: Irish town, which translates, “spirit and courage;” “adagio cantabile” is a Beethoven sonata; “la symphonie des jouets”: toys symphony (Haydn?); “kv 522”: Musical Joke piece by Mozart; “eves treat” ?; “isogamy chordata”: sexual reproduction by similar size gametes in the phylum including humans (so this wouldn’t apply to humans); “betulaceae paleocarpinus”: extinct Chinese birch tree; “lapelles”: just “lapels” I think; “o.s”: medical abbreviation for “left eye”; “fadhb ar bith”: Irish expression meaning either “no problem” or “anything at all.” So we’ve got Irish, nuns, music, and biblical references, among others, to put together. I may give it a try later.

  2. A try later. Seems like he’s giving a nun (possibly Catholicism) a bite on the lower lips (“eve’s treat”?) as a kind of joke or tease (“twas wicked…hehe” [word play on “he”‘s doing it?]. and the musical references are to non-serious compositions). He does pop out her left eye. The “helmet lizard” may be a creature that reproduces with similar size gametes. I don’t know about the “warts”…”welts”…”lapelles” sequence or the “ruby,” “minerals”…”rights,” “rites” word play. It could be a send-up/put-down of Catholicism and/or Irish culture as an extinct entity, interwoven with word play.

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