Glen Ellen

lockGlen Ellen
by Louis Marvin
Time and silence are the only medicines.
-Thomas Jefferson to John Adams
A buffer against the world. Filtering topics that we three can take on. Our little family.
Time and silence, truly great remedies for what ails us. Time to recover from our last, stupid statement.
Silence, and there is nothing to recover from.
Glen Ellen, pacing outside the door, realized that his silence was warranted. And time, like the great mind washer, would launder these gaffs too.
It dawned on his weary mind, that the silence one cherishes, is only ever broken by the one who craves it.
The ego cries out, for the ego dies in silence and expanses of time.

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  1. Mmm. I could ponder upon this relationship between silence and time for an eternity. lol. Interesting to note that Jefferson and Adams had been good friends through the Revolution yet when the country became a nation they were at odds and bad blood came between them…then died on the same day, if i’m not mistaken. Funny how so often we are possessed with this need to vent or express angst and it gets the better of us and we end up wishing we could take passionate words back. Excellent piece!

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