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  1. All underplayed, but there is suspense here (the ominous “raisin-black nails up a tam-tam gong’s back”), an apparent killing (“Neilson’s by the wisteria, shot”), and a car crash as the climax (“a Volvo goes slam-bang”), though dissipated by the comment on the minicam, and Ripley’s hair being mussed.

    1. the closest coinage i can think of for it is ‘choreopoem’. this is kind of like looking at a small bit of the screenwriting for one for me. the instantaneous compelling feeling is the only feeling i really get from this, though. i’d rather look at it as cool art than writing. (not to underestimate art. every formation is art. just bein’ concrete with art:writing in order to show my own discriminating between the two).

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