by Craig Kurtz
Roll of silent reduction
is living w/ time zoom —
decommissioned molecules,
decompensating patterns
affix stimulus to gas tension.
I got my reasons.
Destablize the amaranthine
w/ embedded unsubstantiated —
serotonergic displacement,
genetic discrepancy
acerbates subsequent extrinsic.
Shortwave of tensile narrative
misadapts patented disquisition —
retroactive capitalization
of collateral alterity
superannuates sentience, vacuum-packed.
Your name here.
Deregulate the universe
w/ unabridged appurtenance —
interpolated probabilities,
requisitioned corollaries
intromit neurologic octaves.
Affix unsubstantiated time
w/ subsequent debunking reduction —
sentience tension,
collateral patterns
plagiarize genetic capitalization.
Examine coupon stop.

0 thoughts on “BRICOLAGE ROCOCO

  1. This is an elaborate construction of diverse things come to hand. I don’t think it, lacking syntactical connection, makes any coherent sense. We (“your name here”) are along for a random ride (“I got my reasons”). “Amaranthine”: deep purple color of the flower; “serotonergic”: possibly hallucinogenic neurotransmission; “alterity”: state of being different; otherness; “appurtenance”: an accessory associated with something in particular; “intromit”: allow entry. Bon voyage.

  2. i really enjoyed reading this. it’s like a very clean cut freestyle. like frida kahlo’s toes by the tub faucet.
    i can tell this was thoughtful. seems pretty balanced, stimulated by both yr emotional &intellectualized thinking, not just whipped outta yer arse.
    inspiring and stuff! one of my favorite current poems i’ve seen in a while. i like how the one liners cut the mechanisms of the verses prior, those are some smooth transistions. verse chorus verse. you’ve got major swag dude.

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