Playing to the River

Playing to the River
by Jeff Marion
She stands by the riverbank,
notes from her bagpipes lapping
across to us as we wait
for the traffic light to change.
She does not know we hear—
she is playing to the river,
a song for the water, the flow
of an unknown melody to the rocky
bluffs beyond, for the mist
that was this morning, shroud
of past lives: fishermen
and riverboat gamblers, tugboat captains
and log raftsmen, pioneer and native
slipping through the eddies of time.
She plays for them all, both dirge
and surging hymn, for what has passed
and is passing as we slip
into the currents of traffic,
the changed light bearing us away.

0 thoughts on “Playing to the River

  1. Beautiful, touching, spelling out at the beginning where we and she are, and then making the most of that contrast with a comprehensive view of time and place. She stands forever, we in the present moment borne away like a wave, yet for the poet’s and her perspective, part of life’s vast continuum.

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