calm down feminazi

calm down feminazi
by Cerebella
if i had a penis, i’d spank it. take
a zillion pictures of it.
tazmanian devil, spamming
it out all over the internet.
i’d change my name to ‘token barfly guy’.
a character actor. i’d slip
to the little boys room and
growl over a urinal, taking
out everything all the dudes
i’ve gotten close to
on my hand. you guys! sperm, sperm,
sperm. adhesive overload.
check out the shrinking of my old womb
i had deemed overrated.
i gotta new formulation to
brand on my ass.
i’m not gettin high to do this magic trick.
it’s as simple as this:
just do it. live out a lucid dream
that hasn’t happened yet.
i have a relationship with
the flesh surrounding the uterus,
but not the she- the she, her self.
we are not on the same page.
my brain is way up here, it
belongs circled by a ring
of asteroids. i’ve given names
for them all, just a minute
before they are forgotten,
presumed lost down the gutter.
i fight like a man is told to.
i fight like a man. i master
the art of crunching bullets
between my teeth and spitting
the vulgarity out
in my own defined privacy.
fight like a man is right.
fight like a man. i am
betrothed to the wealthiest man
that came around. he
was one funny john, serves me
right, for i am one,
too. the obscenities i’ve exalted!
those johns are the johns
that come to me frequently,
crazy bright ideas.
they come crawling on to us all.

0 thoughts on “calm down feminazi

  1. The author may not have a penis, but this poem certainly does… yet it has transcendent thing going on too… I love the image of the brain floating in an asteroid belt.
    Glad I checked out H&H today…

  2. I’m reading at the end that all the johns that “come” to her frequently are her “crazy bright ideas” that also “come crawling on to us all,” and that this is a poem that explodes out of itself with cross-gender communication. Way to go!

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