by Oscar Smiles
Here ye eshua….hear ye….streamline the knots to pelagic zone…struck me smitten w/the idea….the time is nowwwww….ginger how the time conformity of the heart goes blue….coordinate them xylös with phylös & mylös…i think i hold back & breathe to think to make the sun reach out from behind the trees & scorch away this disease…said it like it’s a bad thing….merciless don’t know this years the year…why it’s gonna beat palpitous to ylös…won’t break or miss a beat cheat or blow heat….it’ll bring you to ur pancake knees…now she’s got bees knees…fräuleinwunder…where the fuck are you….the peas are paste for ur crows feet….the gown is off the mannequin & in your satchel just over the ledge goes my thistle….hiding out til i figure it all out jumping on soles vertically swole with stitches where the nails were….great…now i’ve to find new soles…one’s that heel into the earth quaking & rich with deposit she does…mmmmm…burned our clothes still on…picked up the cross & put the brakes on…is tighe fuil na bùrn…sound the alarm…the sandstorm disembowelment of something beyond the footprints (samhain) terra nova…the trumpets love thine air…guising…it feels good…myself cam lee richard tumbled across the living room floor…i’d like to think the floor was sunken like my heart is now cause I miss those good ole days like a motherfucker

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  1. Here, meaning “nowwwww,” he’s “smitten w/the idea” for the poem he’s about to write, only things get in the way: “the heart goes blue,” there is a “disease” to “scorch away” first, then rhyme (“beat,” “cheat,” “heat”)and word play (“knees,” “bees knees”) take over, leading down to “feet,” “nails,” “soles,” “heel,” “footprints;” finally, after shedding clothes of pretense(“the gown is off the mannequin,” “burned our clothes still on”) “tumbled across the living room floor (“terra nova”),” which he’d “like to think was sunken like my heart is now,” there missing “the good ole days” when poems came easily and truly to mind.

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