Brave Transformations

Image written with Ambient Design LTD Goblin application toolkit.Brave Transformations
John Bennett
A cockroach freshly reincarnated from who knows what, a sorcerer down on his luck, a small thorn on a rose bush, a blushing bride at the altar, another cockroach who did a poor job of it, sentenced to another go-around to grasp the full extent of its nature, in NYC this time, where cockroaches rule the upper West Side, not Tibet where they’re fed bread crumbs and prayed to.
It’s stitched together by memory, this ongoing incarnation, a disembodied memory beyond the fiction of time. We weave this memory with our brave transformations, paying homage whether we know it or not.

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  1. Karma, is a bitch! I loved this little ditty with its universal justice in a nutshell. Amazing how something like a cockroach may be reviled in one part of the world yet respected in another. Comparing NYC with Tibet is quite the contrast! Killer last line too. Sometimes it’s better just to spell the moral out for readers. Well done!

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