by Dan Raphael
in the trunk inside the trunk
wearing auto parts, parts of kitchen appliances
egg beaters 2 inches tall like a steam punk mechanical fly
whales emulating side-wheelers
repeat the trees, the grace of will, the coincidence of love
trumping gravity but not other planets, planets disguised as body organs–
when my livers in retrograde, when my nostrils & lungs are in opposition
flip a coin & all the stars are behind us
populating a galaxy w/ gelatinous shadows
plucking sparks like novas of guitar strings;
a wind I cant feel blows the music away
before I can name it, before I have a beat to escape on

0 thoughts on “Subterranean

  1. I really like this poem. A vision of internal space–“in the trunk inside the trunk”–where there are domestic tools fit for a mechanic to re-engineer nature, both human and at large–“repeat the trees, the grace of will,the coincidence of love” (great line)–“trumping gravity” (great phrase) because the planets mirror the inside “disguised as body organs.” Now it seems we have inner nature in tune with outer nature, only “when my livers in retrograde, when my nostrils and lungs are in opposition” the harmony is left up to chance (“flip a coin”). What follows rings as sonorously as the music of the spheres, but then the last two lines “blow(s)the music away.” Too bad. Yet that can be the nature both of inspiration and influence. So try again. It’s worth the effort!

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