You Can’t Kiss And Smile At The Same Time

You Can’t Kiss And Smile At The Same Time
by William Merricle

love’s burnt crust hurtles through the heavens
shred-faced angels laugh at perturbation’s edge
lightness and darkness are composed of breeze
passion grows numb with overstimulation
graceful fiery serpents sing joy to the world
innocence is a merciless escape-art magician
shadows sleep on the surface of the water
serenity rolls its third eye in exasperation
spirit proves its existence by drifting away

1 thought on “You Can’t Kiss And Smile At The Same Time

  1. So, say this is about a kiss, about passion, in the moment; too intense to enjoy (as regards the title), but the poet is describing that moment. You’re euphoric toast (first line). Your decomposed spirit mocks your burnt edge (second line). The third line eludes me, but it could mean that the extremes of the passion (“lightness and darkness”)become easy (a “breeze”), perhaps synonymous. The fourth line explains the phenomenon as “overstimulation,” which, defying the numbness, the poet goes on to describe in discrete vivid images. I particularly like the penultimate line. The last line “proves” the “existence,” but also the transience, of the intensity (its spiritual uplift) by its “drifting away.”

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