Flimsy past (paint it black)


Flimsy past (paint it black)
by Harutyun Catalyst

Int. Bedroom.

we see a male and a female sitting naked on the bed, and beside
them on the bed there is a lubricant tube. 
the female is staring directly at a small wall mirror.

      do you you see how this mirror
      looks strange? the walls are
      empty, and there is only this
      mirror there in that strange
      place! it is even very high!

      you're right. we can't reach it
      and it can't reflect us.

      how someone could use this mirror?

                                fade out
                                fade in

Int. Bedroom.

we see the male and the female naked on the bed, beside them 
on the bed there is a lubricant tube, and also we see dozens
of toilet papers around them on the floor.

     a feeling of grudging is
     overwhelming me.

she starts laughing crazily.

     this isn't for me, this is what
     i don't do, don't like, don't
     want to be involved with.

     pride is the problem.

                             fade out
                             fade in.

Int. Bedroom.

he is still sitting naked on the bed, and she is standing
opposite him, holding a photographic camera. 
she is teasing him by taking photos of him
 with flirtatious behavior, putting her one
foot on the side of the bed, showing
to him her vagina and snapping photos of him.

she gives him a gesture from behind the camera to pull his tongue out.
she gives him a gesture from behind the camera to play with his cock.
she gives him a gesture from behind the camera to turn around
and spank his ass.

                                fade out
                                fade in

Int. Bedroom.

      i want to show you something.

she gives him her notebook.
he looks inside her notebook.

      is it shocking?

     it is freaky. addiction on

he gives her back her notebook.

     you see, your name is here among
     the other names. i marked your name
    with a heart. when you were looking
     inside my notebook, i felt that
     you were going to tear it, you
     were shivering and your eyes were
     dilating, as if your heart has
     stubbed by a knife. you were part
     of the addiction on illness, and
     since we are together, you are
     like me in danger of disease.

     i am not sure that i still feel
     what i once felt! the Old me has
     gone, and the New me is getting
     established, grappling with inner

     i just love to be in-between
     two worlds.

we see him sitting in his knees on the floor,
looking deeply at the rolls of the toilet papers. 
he takes an ink-pot, and he spills circularly
the black ink on the toilet papers.

    from where all this darkness
    comes from?

    from our confusion, i guess!

                               fade out
                               fade in

Int. Bedroom.

we see them making love on the bed, he is lying on her side,
holding her shoulder with one hand and with his other hand
he's gagging her mouth with a stained toilet paper, 
sullying her mouth and her cheeks with a black ink,
while she is moaning in pain and pleasure.

    i like you, i want to fuck you till
    you bleed.

    fuck me, i love pain.

                                fade out
                                fade in

Ext. Hangar.

we see a gravestone in the middle of the hangar,
beside the gravestone two rain coats, and we hear buzzing noises
coming from the engines of the planes, and they are getting louder,
louder, louder... all of a sudden a black ink splashes the camera,
 like a black hole is going to suck us.

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  1. fade out
    fade in


    i’m exuding your energy
    and childlike


    what can i say i’ve got
    mommy issues.
    more tp &rorschachs now


    can i wake up to it though
    this time like the last
    time, too?

    fade out

    see footage of two ships
    on projector film that
    just happen to pass one
    another in the middle
    of the night

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