In the morning, no words the same


In the morning, no words the same
by Bogdan Puslenghea 

 1.  morning

 blinds  down warm
                air  voices
medium  screen
medium dark,  lines

new  roses.

finally got it  (and it
wasn't even       that
hard) Reality        is

full of          

 2.  no words

not for I feel something beyond them - words,  without words
because I don't feel anything -  without words

I can't feel a thing

                                  I can't find any word.

 3.  the same

blinds down medium

warm  voices
air   -  screen
medium dark,  lined up
    new roses


2 thoughts on “In the morning, no words the same

  1. Intriguing three-part structure linked to the title. The words in parts one and three are the same but in a different order, except “lines” changes to “lined up.” This phrase could modify “new roses,” suggesting the roses have been lined up by someone–a person. This may connect the disconnected imagery of part one–somebody’s putting the roses in order (for the poet?). The new arrangement, the new words (found by the poet) could enable the poet to “feel” something. The earlier perception “reality is full of people” thereby becomes emphatically “full” of significance.

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