The Art of Children

The Art of Children
by Halifax

Prince Rupert drops

It was a perfect shame
the heat of it
how well reality resisted intrusion
with an inordinate pressure
hardening into existence
a mark more persistent
than not

The force which pushes back
bears down on all creations
so much gravity
the only remnants surviving
are intangible connections
to other past triumphs
over universal indifference

these fragile reminders
get shuffled away
buried in piles under
examples of their kind

dig them up like treasure
while it is possible

they serve as crucial evidence
a once when the threat we possess
won out
an again when we claimed a space on our own
to stifle the heart in all else less
and upset the scales
weighing worth against value

save these efforts
as something remarkable
since each these victories
are lost
if the fight goes out of you

2 thoughts on “The Art of Children

  1. An extraordinarily abstract, distant, and perceptive commentary on an elementary subject, children’s art: the importance of rescuing and preserving these “fragile…past triumphs over (the) universal indifference” that comes later from a grown-up world. We all should take this one to heart.

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