Pursuing the Teumessian Vixen

Pursuing the Teumessian Vixen
by Randall Nicholas

inspired by cerebella positive

back in prison
from the only below-
sea-level mountain
range on earth
a slip-freud off
quicksilver sand-
stone’s cliff
to an upstart
new pangea
I am the pre-injured
exclamation point
of swing culture’s
onrush of feeling
against the firewall
of pretention
cooperatively porous
swingeing remorse
apropos the apocalypse
‘s unbeaten premonitory
soul-fed only
street-hitter battering
a simmering lifetime
102 Celsius
back pedaled up
the next generation
of mass wasting
as yet unmanageable
basement rock
inducing a bishop-
prick collect
of expansionist potential
wedged between
non-contiguous, a-
symmetrical body parts
into a prototype
of ugly is truth truth ugly
all you need to know
stranger to this deeply
dissected plateau
of shame and deception
which may not have been
mountainous after all
but just a multitudinous
leftover underlying
the one percent
a natural bridge
the body
the spirit
which at base
is all physical
down to that
zip in the loins
telling you all is swell
on this side of chaos
spent doubled up beneath
the most azure of
cloud-spawning sky’s
merciless glory
filed under the beatitudes

5 thoughts on “Pursuing the Teumessian Vixen

  1. you know, i should’ve said something to you here when i had read this but like idk. i read this again just now. it’s a really good poem. it’s bold, it’s furious, it’s free; alive with feet dancing to bongos. i’m flattered to think i had anything to do with the process. cool chaos.

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