The Muse on a Hot Day

The Muse on a Hot Day
by John Bennett

Here I
sit shadeless
in my car
on the
hill in
heat under
a blazing
sun demanding
my muse
come pay
me a

And here
she comes,
floating down
thru the

3 thoughts on “The Muse on a Hot Day

  1. Yeah. The muse reminds me of the angel in Sally Potter’s movie, Orlando. No matter how blisteringly hot or witheringly cold the occasion, inspiration can come out of it.

  2. Dear tremendously well established poet John Bennett,

    Are you the John Bennett referred to by Bukowski himself? The author of The Book of Shards?

    I’ve been thinking what to do about this situation. There seem to be a few Jon and John Bennetts. I’ve been getting published more these days, toyed with nom de plumes, but there is a tiny group of people who know me for music as well, so I really don’t want to change my name. There are bound to be confusions between us, however.


    Jon Bennett

    Nice poem!

    my facebook page is

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