by Oscar Smiles

rachmaninoff comes to me 1/2 inspected 1/2 wasted & aneuritical about something he’d eaten in the latter half of gods omen to planet earth…i pick up a blade of dry grass & dilute the winds direction….negative…i can tell by the pink flagging tied to the tree limb….looks southeasterly….i step out the truck to field dress my gert cause the fires are wild round these parts….i skip abit to amen…alls good on addison ranch….they say if u fast then gorge that you’ll become you again….i say right on….gravity has got no hold on me…as im right on time for delivery…the drillers hacked the gates for electricity….& i feel like ive no place to go but to sleep…inzombiacupressuragoner

1 thought on “1/2

  1. Fine associative freeing-up trip through an “inzombiacupressuragoner” (I love it) composition that runs the gamut between “inspected” and “wasted” as any fasting -gorging composition, delivered “right on time” (target) because “gravity has no hold on” him. You have to be beyond the living to do this. And he’s done it.

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