Ephram Pratt Monitors an Unintended Conversation

Ephram Pratt Monitors an Unintended Conversation
by Jack e Lorts

Bronze angels,
Anguished and asleep,

Divide their time
In silence and

Wilderness menses,
Slackened into black frost

Like unintended
Yellow taxis

Looted and broken
Among small geese

The size of
Shoe lace tips

Frozen in blue boxes,
Singing Dylan songs.

The challengers
Arising from soft glass,

Standing on street corners
Give nervous advice

To barn yard shysters.
Ask them why

And they will tell you:
The beckoning forest

Of alabaster stirs
Them to conversation.

2 thoughts on “Ephram Pratt Monitors an Unintended Conversation

  1. It’s amazing how far apart the images are in this; as though they hadn’t been thought of consecutively but taken randomly from a collection. Yet, they’ve been put into a coherent grammatical sequence, with little flashes of meaning. My favorite: “the size of shoe lace tips.” The word “conversation” at the end connects with the title, suggesting that while it may be “unintended,” things so disparate may be communicating–if carefully listened to, “monitored.” I think this is the poem’s theme, which though the reader may beg “nervous advice” about, best comes from just standing back from the poem, attentive but without any expectation of meaning other than what one may personally take from it.

  2. i don’t think the poem sucks, the lines are cool; author isn’t NOT not onto something (if you ask me politely). not overdone or stupid or anything. but this is one of those poems where the metering of all things throws me off. the voice i read it in is shatner taking himself really seriously. really monotone and tightassed or something.

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