Not Fit For Twitter

Not Fit For Twitter
by Dennis Mahagin

Swear off our media
and the Beast will starve
you, shunned from the belly

of July’s picnic trance
as a light plane drools
and drones at blue

was the blimp

in a scrutinized sky,

by the end,
I was so sick

at the sight of him,
started imagining
aftermath of a farce
wherein the bald lawyer
called West

might advise

a treadmill…

“Yeah George …
Bowflex makes a damned
good one now I hear
in fact they’re
the best,”

West might
say, grinning and
pumping the pasty
plump ham of his

infamous client.
Talking heads

it’s true
what the seers
have often said,

that Conscience
makes you do

things, start to eat, eat
say, in horrible earnest
after telling
Humpty, or Hannity
that the killing
“was God’s plan…”
I watched that man
on the tube,
sort of inscrutable bland
calm rabid Michelin Man

gone beyond

his ground

standing, Kafka
and still,



ribbon curl of hungry
lip twitch, starch
collar dolphin
flip tie on the cheap
tourmaline suit.

And somebody in my
circle of friends said
“ain’t hardly the end
for Zim… now he gets
to know how it feels
to be hunted …”
After the spectacle
that made me so sick, I
couldn’t stop listening

to what lawyers


over and over
as a bad glutton
being force

fed, being


I stripped
the day bed, did
dishes, scoured
every TV room
with Pine Sol
Windex and
“This story, sure had
some legs,” another talking
head said “it bled, and bled
and bled and
bled …”

Trayvon, long gone
with the fall leaves, skinny
skinny ass gust and swirl
while buy and

by George celebrates
incommunicado, fat

moon face deep
in five pies, blue
berry, mince meat
pumpkin, key
lime and

2 thoughts on “Not Fit For Twitter

  1. Silencer
    (a response poem)

    Against a fusillade of forgetfulness
    the poets stand their ground
    waving that thing around
    crazy in the choice to not back down

    the worst kind of justice
    is the silent treatment

    Our last man standing is sitting still
    judge & jury reading this to pieces
    as an edgewise everyman
    locked in a struggle
    to pull the trigger
    and effectively end the conversation

    stop talking about the tragedy already
    he says
    casually gesturing toward the next one
    calling ceasefire
    just to claim the last word himself
    as a trophy for his mantle place

    your attention please

    there will be no terms

  2. Not Fit for Twitter’s diatribe plays on Zimmerman’s corpulence (I guess, not having watched the coverage)to criticize the media overplay of his hand in the event, and media exploitation in general; curiously enough, bypassing the issue of Stand Your Ground. Making us as sick of the poem by its end, it has its own effectiveness. I think what Halifax has to say about the gun’s being “the last word” silencing attempts at justice is more to the point, in that its arbitrariness signals “the next” tragedy (by extrapolation) for the media to cover.

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