Bluebottle In Sunshine

Bluebottle In Sunshine
by Christopher Barnes

She plays ball to the roll call as Dysentery Della.
Un-nested this rush hour…
A wayzgoose trim at her paunch,
Tinsel-mineralogical oil-slick.
You’ll be over-curious at midriff legs,
Crushed with wicked-ways bristle,
Squab club-footed antennae
Streaming wide horizons.
Erewhile neck-craned on picked bones
Razzling a dead rat boogie.
We’re wistful of those sorcerous-cherry eyes,
Misted wings,
But in truckloads…that buzz.

1 thought on “Bluebottle In Sunshine

  1. Quite an accomplishment. The subject he’s describing is a bluebottle fly, but he does it in such close-up detail, you think he’s waxing ecstatic over a woman’s dress for a fashion magazine, until you get down to “neck-craned on picked bones” and then you realize..there are truckloads of the winged beasts. Pretty horrifying! Pretty damned well done!

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