The Smiling City

The Smiling City
by Tish Cotham & David Rutter

Carved out of
Where old cheerleaders go
To die
Remains a
Mystery through
Edification gone awry (astray?)
Within the realms
For the little girls
With the guilty
Measure distance
Between the trees
While they swing (sway?)
From side to side
Never finding
The pot
Of fool’s gold
At the end
Of the rainbow

1 thought on “The Smiling City

  1. I like “where old cheerleaders go to die” but think it should be on one line. I don’t like “awry (astray?)” and “swing (sway?).” They don’t seem to mean anything other than the poets aren’t taking the poem seriously. Which reinforces my suspicion of collaborations. I can’t see anything more in it than making fun of a stereotype: “little girls with the guilty pigtails.” I don’t understand the relevance of the title. Sorry.

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