pikthur me rolliN
by Michael Roberts

Lightning strikes preganglian sympathetic neurons
thus illuminating the pineal gland which
secretly secretes fresh-squeezed snail juice
into your blood! making the whole
zenned-out fractal-scarred brain blow blue
around a solar radiant loud cloud tickled pink
by an ogreish orotund yopo-toting schizo soul man
enroute to El Teatro aka The Grotto
to help get a chunk of blue-green-algae
out of someone’s eye so they can squirt into time-space
and bang the god gong to kick the rocket engine
into full steam real black-op type stuff


  1. Okay. “Preganglian” applies to fibers of the automatic nervous system; “sympathetic” may make that a paradox. “Orotund” in this context probably means bombastic. El Teatro may refer to the theatrical troupe near San Jose, CA. “Blue-green algae” produces oxygen through photosynthesis, and may have been what started the process going on earth. So it seems we have here a moment of too-heightened awareness on the part of someone trying to help someone else in the same state, which may just propel them both into “full-steam real black-op type stuff”–an even greater mental blowout. Perhaps this “ghostwriter for hire” can bring this about for you. Or maybe it’s all a lark.

  2. This is a good example of what it feels like when the adrenaline-mania kicks in to the brain of a writer. I love the line about snail juice in the blood. And I liked the images, especially toward the end, unlike my hard-assed counterpart Cerebella apparently (I love you don’t tear my head off).

    I don’t know if the writer can bring about this flow on command, but it takes my brain a combination of a bad night’s sleep and caffeine to get the feeling that I’m catching off the poem here. I think it’s oddly self aware and captures my personal brand of mania, if that’s what this is.

    1. response poem
      love, your hardassed ‘counterpart’

      i will not write a response thesis on overuse of term ‘mania’
      i will not write a response thesis on overuse of term ‘mania’
      i will not write a response thesis on overuse of term ‘mania’ like there is no tomorrow

      (and if we’re going to be counterparts, i want the +300 dollar green 30s maxi-dress from my etsy ‘favorites’ list).

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