Bloodstained bodies under a crimson light.

Bloodstained bodies under a crimson light.
by Harutyun Catalyst

”For the whore of the light that happily spreads her legs for every experience that wants to have its way with her.”

Can you turn them into something else? With a different color they will look different, isn’t it? Have you been sleeping all the day? Are you alone here? Are you loathsome? Have you answered the calls? Are you comfortable with the clothes that you’re wearing? Is this you? Am I you? Will you move on to the future? Will you leave your bed, your body, and your head? Will you remove the nails from the wall? Will you make everything empty? Bleached?

Stop snuggling your head in the pillow.

Stop shaking.

Stop muttering.



Crawl to me. Move on your knees and crawl to me. Leave the pillow, leave the bed, leave your head and crawl to me. I have something to give you. Crawl.

I haven’t seen you in a long time.

Are you still full of pleasure?

Crawl to me. I’m feeling strange now.

Under what law are you lying?

Crawl to me, I’m feeling petty now.

Are you still keeping those dominant pleasures inside of you?

We have three hours before the liquid dissolves completely and let the poison spreads all over the walls.

Will you recognize your shadow then? Will you stop crawling and start shrinking then?

Leave the pillow. Stop snuggling your head in the pillow. Turn your face to me. Let me see your face. Do it fast, we don’t have much time to compromise.

It will be a useless sacrifice, like a false friendship.

The time is running short, turn your face to me, and tell me where you’ve been yesterday?

What’s the difference between yesterday and now?

The time is running short, and I can’t find words to tell you. Crawl to me like a snake.

This is becoming very terrible.

I’m removing my clothes, turn your face to me.

This is becoming a habit, I can’t leave my bed.

Leave your body, leave your head.

This is becoming painful.

Leave your clothes, leave your skin.

This is becoming frightful.

Leave all your things, and let it go.

This is becoming playful.

Turn your face to me and watch me how I’m playing.

This is becoming fatal, I’m losing my thoughts, I’m losing my hearing.

Let me test your eyes, turn your face to me.

Left, right, left, right, up, down.

Do you smell it? It smells very strong from this close distance.

I could feel it crawling on my body with a cool breeze, each drop has its own world. Would you like to taste it? Make your mouth crimson red?

It’s working!

Yes, it is. Stop licking, swallow it now. Swallow it till my skin becomes bleached and dry.

Your breaths are telling me everything about you.

I could feel it.

But it will not last much longer.

Never mind.

Keep swallowing it.

I do.

You love me like this! Don’t you?

Yes, it is creating a mysterious intimacy:

Belonging together.

Love under will.

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  1. Amazing. The questions in the second paragraph would have been enough to overwhelm me, but then the string of commands that follow (repetitious, back and forth, implying more and more) lead to another dimension of love entirely.

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