she twinkied/so i twinked back

she twinkied/so i twinked back
Poem by Oscar Smiles
Photo by Reed Posey

g-force…relative under epidermis remotes…howdy doody….all good thanx….on spot w/the appraisal of the sprinkled whiplash of the wave carries from afar rising evolution….does it really start tonight cause I’m definitely warmed over….snake den fuck a fin…”- a tragic case of hiss and hearse!”.. 😉 malignant naw….gestionem initiatives granting u the right to align joe satriani with golden gloves…golden calves parting ways….i think I’ll stay high and rising…hula hooped changing guards….don’t breath waste all thats permissable in hammerstein country…and the eyes of the peacock are also permissed off….I’ll take twinkies for 2000 trebek…amnistia eh…bottles for rockets to forbear….diggin daniel day lewis’s doo….the custard sun & the hemlock air turned full on axis kissing in the water on phyre…by the time you get this space my heart will have beat from front to back while waiting on my destination….visitation!

3 thoughts on “she twinkied/so i twinked back

    1. This reads as an Exquisite Corpse. I picture a word added by individuals with only the previous word evident. This is strongest in Joe Satriani~ a reference combination only assembled by men of a certain age and then it is almost compulsion. You give these men “Joe” and invariably you get either “Camel” or “(fuckin’) Satriani”. It jack-knifed the dogcatcher’s semi-tractor-trailer. There was murder on the Hamburglar’s mind that night he slipped into a sugar coma. Wax mannikins don’t have bikini areas.

  1. g-force of auto-pilot streak. it’s not here for me to read, it’s here to remind me i’m being read. i’m so happy it’s so near.

    this isn’t my thing usually, bc i feel pictures distract from the poem-like a lot sometimes!-but i might not self-admonish in this case since this was a picture/poem collaboration-i kind of love that picture a lot.

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