juggle jungle

juggle jungle
by Meghan Tennison

make up your mind, mindless mindreader
wake up your kindness mr highness
chatter-toothed skinchew cunning tonguetie
thick hide hiding all harm done

face fume hot head heat rash
trashed armoire,
trashy flashy memoirs
firecracker fire-escapee
storm-scented funny fight for
forceful focus

sleepy sunlight ablaze with bliss
rock/a/bye boat race
erased non-fiction fantasy
remember now,
rapture runs dry in this well of wishes

freedom flies, fast, past
frazzled faces & stolen spaces
fence-sitting, facing the
forgotten recluse and his reckless, risky
replaceable reputation

cunning darkness devours last lost radio signals
while hosted hotspots welcome warm rain
i could go on and on forever
carnival kissing, kicking like
cranky ponies misguided
dressed disastrous
disguised disgust

bothered final offer
short-selling packaged passion
surprising misunderstanding mistranslating
scary charms, starry sweat and
weary-eyed wary sighs

empty bottle battle songs
head creak, bone snap
stopped steps stoop
staring slowly
weakly apologizing
sorry stillness sinks
seeping poisonous properties
this recipe reeks
with righteous rage

2 thoughts on “juggle jungle

  1. Terrific. Alliteration and assonance combined to shake us into waking up, facing life, and communicating insight. In other words, we all should strive to be poets.

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