She’s a cold habit

She’s a cold habit
by Devlish

as she sleeps

her comfort
leaves me breathless

this monster
beside me

inside me

her scent
still serenades
the air

an untamed
paradise of my
favorite poison

a moisturizing malice
so unclean it
seems holy.

she’s a cold habit

as she sleeps

her wicked side

fists float

fallacy is forgotten
for just a few minutes

i remember why I love her

how many different ways
i could kill her

as she sleeps

1 thought on “She’s a cold habit

  1. Chilling. Regrettable. Irresistible. A paradoxical poem (“her comfort leaves me breathless,” “a moisturizing malice so unclean it seems holy”) strung out between love and hate through to the end. Difficult to come to terms with but very well presented here. Good photo.

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