by Ben Macnair
Photo by Dirk Michener

As you read this, maybe at home, maybe on a train, in a crowded train or bus, somebody less than a thousand yards from you will be reading, have just read, or is about to be read one of those celebrity magazines.

You know the type of magazine. There are shocking real life stories about a baby who was born with the head of a fish, and how the latest must have technological advancement will be obselete in a fort-night, but it will cost the average monthly salary to buy. There will be an interview with the actress or model de jour. It will discuss her alabaster skin, and glossy raven black hair, and how she is seemingly ageless. This actress or model or whatever will have an actual age of 35 and a Hollywood age of 27.

In three years time, when that actress or model or whatever has failed to capitalise on her initial promise, there will be a scathing review of her career, and how it is always her fault. This never seems to happen to actors though.

In Hollywood films, girls become mothers, and boys become men.

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