Electron bound

Electron bound
by Julian DeWees

I’ve been bashful, I’ll admit.
The first few times, awkward and flush.
Like going outside into the tomato garden with a knife, saltshaker and taste buds.
It’s hard to describe angular momentum of an electron bound to an atom.
Or sunburns with lime.

1 thought on “Electron bound

  1. “Hard to describe,” but the poet’s done it. That last line in particular. Phytophotodermatitis: rare cases of severe burning from a combination of intense sun and, in this case, lime juice on the skin. Moving back: “angular momentum of an electron bound to an atom” seems to relate to the opening bashfulness–already bound to the object of one’s desire, as in the third line (a great one, too eager, too expectant)yet inhibited, indirect. Wanting something so much, one gets burnt on actual contact.

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