Vampire Capitalism

Vampire Capitalism
by Dan Raphael

when we let money be our blood
and let money be electronic,
let money’s value depend on computers playing a mix of
chicken and poker
how could we not be
like the extra sled dogs of early antarctic explorers

2 thoughts on “Vampire Capitalism

  1. I don’t know. I like the photo a lot. I like the first two lines. Third and fourth refer to Wall Street, I guess: “chicken” being like the two cars driving towards each other; “poker,” gambling. The last two lines: were “the extra sled dogs” taken along for eating in case of an emergency or to replace injured or exhausted dogs? If the latter, it seems that the replaced dogs would be eaten. Anyway, we’re not talking ghouls here, but vampires. Are “we” just along for the ride? How does that work? Happy Halloween!

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