by Michael Roberts

Shoe do do do do do do
Oh when you walk by every night
Talking sweet and looking fine
I get kinda hectic inside
I’m so into you, darling
If you only knew
All the things that flow through my mind

In this outhouse 
    of ill repute—Nay
In this galactic garden
 among frogmouths and nightjars
  & monarchs
with my friends Sharp Ears
& Swift Walker & Hunter
    & Thirsty One
     & Crazy Horse and windswept me
   lugging wood
      thinking up
        some impossible wonder
      that looks like a farmer
        in a flying ship

I stop to dub US
the superduper superpower 
  it is
Cut off my beard
& return it to the President
   Jalmar Lillygreen

Ah happy America
  & How
  & Why
Wonder Book of Stars

The whorld’s getting better
Freer & Crazier
Fuck yeah already
    and all I have to do is
   sit in a dark hole
   drinking beer
     Tienes sed?

Fuck yeah already
I’m a toasted sardine
   who stumbled in
 out of a swarm of killer bees
    into a theatre
   full of banal machinery
   Nothing like my mind
   to see by
   & stuff my pants
      full of carnival money

Cuadro en estambre

I feel like an apparition
    or hummingbird

This is my Fourth of July
I’ll celebrate America anyway
I fucking want poem
My other one’s a Batmobile
My other’s a big beautiful cunt
     smearing my nose
          with peach juice

The banks are closed today
I’ll rob them tomorrow
   & let the Empress have it

The Sea of Japan is mine
I’ll ride into on a black-mother-fucking-stallion
 & lop your heads off 
            with a sickle

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