by Jay Passer

I’m watching a movie
There are gangsters
Super heroes
And Royal Blood
I am watching a rerun
Of a tree growing
A Buddha
A bottle of beer
A dizzy busy blonde
I am watching a commercial
My life is dictated by products
My dreams are sponsored by affiliates
Of corporations, satellites, Industry
I’m watching a preview for a motion picture
My phone rings incessantly
Everybody wants my attention
I am wanted and needed by the Industry
I am fed a most delectable load of shit
I suck and gobble greedily
I am starring in a movie based upon myself
I am a holy man and repeat winner of Academy Awards
You will cry real tears just watching the trailer
Based upon the amazing phenomenon of my life
There in the dark of the multiplex
Popcorn box in hand
The smell of butter and salt
I’m swimming in the ocean, drowning on the shore
And the credits rise like the unquestioning sun
I remove my glasses
No longer myself I fight sleep for the rest of my life
There are birds melting in trees
Stones the size of mammoth elephants floating in the air
Magritte painted this scene
Then someone got interested
Then someone made a film
Say a student project per se
At first
But in the long run
Somebody replaced the stars
With somebody else’s idea of genius

4 thoughts on “I’M WATCHING A MOVIE

  1. Yes! This is how “the Industry” works: it’s already bought and sold you before it makes a movie of you, and by then you’re no longer yourself.

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