I, astronomicron

I, astronomicron
by Andy Psomopoulos

I, astronomicron.
diamond starmaker.
all your protector. detector.
need for nothing.
want it all.
god doesn’t know he exists.
existence experiments perfection.
inherits faith.
I can see the magic fakes.
I will never fear it takes.
and I can make you a diamond star.
to help and guide you through the war.
your astronomicron you are.
and I am yours never destroyed.
dangerous, one god, deployed.

I, astronomicron
electric spyder boogie man.
sonic plasma cold star plan.
livin it up.
playing it down.
glass trumpet oracle blast.
kings and queens.
lovekill angel station space.
blackart jesus in your face.
for I have made you a diamond star.
and shine, in cosmic grace afar.
prosper, for a gleaming jar
and, astronomicron you are.
and yours I am in a, time, void.
life, will. outlands, claim destroyed.

I astronomicron.
diamond starcracker.
eternal reactor.
power up.
shut ‘em down.
commander rise. deep-white in space.
looking for stars
sabotage czars. Invisible jars.
black, lightning, obliterate, malice mars
sell, omen, super sadist vision.
bleed, astronomicron position.
final. merciless. show, derision.
in. diamond druid-television.
all, love starman, you descent.
astronomicron. you. don’t. resent.

astronomicron: act of magic
diamond star maker
innocent protector, detector!
need for nothing
want it all
I believe the magic makes
I will never fear it takes
I can see the magic fakes
and I will make you
a diamond star
to see you shining
through the war
pure and hard
before and far
your astronomicron
you are
and yours am I
in living void
battlescared ever
lust of faith
never destroyed
for you is this
my loves invention
a reign of new
diamonds living
I and you
so high this angel
it is true

1 thought on “I, astronomicron

  1. A love poem taking its object through all the hazards of the universe as a “need for nothing want it all” god and then glorifying their love in the end. Whoever it’s intended for will probably flip for it.

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