coyote freerunning


coyote freerunning
by Bob Phillips

    coyote lope
    howl calling breaks
    you gotta coyote
        hey mister hey mister, you gotta coyote
        just down the street
        you got any pets
        you better bring them in 
    squirrel rush, break
        brush thrash
        claws on a trunk
        shrub coyote
        you wonder about the divots
        scaped from spring mud
        after piss release

        coyote lookers
        back to see if you stay
        where you were
        coyote meat
        maybe a liitle large
        let me pack up
        coyote meat 


4 thoughts on “coyote freerunning

  1. Fetching, earthy piece. I like the interwoven speech and thoughts connecting with the coyote sightings. I don’t get the ending. Would a coyote skeleton resemble a marimba?

  2. @randall nicholas

    the poem is one of a number of ‘street coyote’ poems and runs on into another in the sequence (of several possible). the soundcloud set has one such following piece, although it is a bit long for a standup reading.

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