by Nicole Kuwik

I’ve inspired myself
on a Bloody-Mary-Wednesday night,
and it’s all so ad-hock,
I might just
show up
after all.

Who cares if there’s club soda
behind the bars?

It’s all burning
and unable to escape anyways.

A chance melting is anything
but romantic
when it becomes
sliced by text
in lieu of The
Art of Conversation,
Even over blurred
telephone lines.

1 thought on “SLICED BY TEXT

  1. Intriguing. Can’t really say, but it all could take place in a bar. First you get high on a drink (“inspired”), then you “show up” “ad-hock” at somebody’s side. “Club soda” (substituting for or diluting the experience)doesn’t matter, because the experience means to be “all burning” and inescapable. “A chance melting” could be a play on “chance meeting;” the heat of the upcoming relationship, however, becoming a meltdown (“anything but romantic”) when it is “sliced by text” (broken off, undercut by texting, I would think, so prevalent in today’s social encounters) “in lieu of The Art of Conversation,” “which exists” (can sustain itself)even in a drunken state (“over blurred telephone lines”). So the poem can be read as a criticism of modern culture.

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