A Garden’s End


A Garden’s End
by Gabriel Welsch

Forsythia, scaled and bud-bangled,
I pruned to a thatch of leaves
for the curb, by the squirrel-gnawed
corn, silk strewn, kernels tooth carved
and husks shorn over the ground
pocked with paw prints.

The borers mashed the squash vine,
the drought tugged the roots of sage,
catmint languished by the sidewalk,
tools grew flowers of rust.

That winter we left our hope
beneath the snow, loved through the last
of the onions, watched the late leeks freeze
to crystal, bent like sedges, their shadows
on the snow. That winter we left
our hope beneath the snow.

1 thought on “A Garden’s End

  1. A wonderful mishmash of withering and devastation, all going under the snow, undergoing death, save for the “flowers of rust” on the garden tools. Hope gets buried, and that’s how it feels at the time, but then…. That’s the hidden message, implicit in all the vivid imagery.

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