Bandage (a play in the dark)


Bandage (a play in the dark)
by Harutyun Catalyst

let’s sleep
did you ever drink hot water?
boiled water?
i can’t sleep now.
would you like to picture me before i go?
picture me naked.
what if i missed you.
look into my eyes.
i will smoke another cigarette.
it always haunts me,
when last time i saw you,
it always haunts me.
it’s so difficult to understand.
but it’s beautiful.
we stretch out forever,
there is no wall at the end of the light,
time goes on forever.
we are into the void, into the eternity.
it is something,
like a sharp voice.
like the smell under your neck.
no signs.
things keep dissolving into each other, leaving a carbon taste inside me.
it’s hostile, hostile, hostile.
why should i have this habit?
why should i have a habit?
I’ve been forced to eat a meal that i hated it.
it was disgusting.
but they forced me to eat it.
i threw up, i threw up, i threw up.
i would prefer to cook and eat the meat of the person who forced me to eat that meal.
turn me on
i said turn me on.
wear a mask. wear transparent stockings, turn me on, i want to fuck.
animal with horns.
crawl to me.
it turns me on.
like a snake?
on the floor, crawling to deflower me.
mad night.
out of space, out of time, like sex.
i am contagious.
like my vagina.
like my cock.
touch it.
feel it.
eat it.
take it in your mouth.
you like it in my mouth?
optimism is for naive shallow people.
pessimism is for naive shallow people
and I belongs to no one.
it’s getting late.
i have a milk.
i have a habit.
look, i have tits.
i have something.
can you smell it?
red tuna?
where it belongs?
where it belongs?
where do you belong to?
i belong to a hole.
i want to be forgotten.
your smell?
no, no, no.
say no, say no, it turns me on.
you’ve started to turn me on.
are you wet?
what you want to do?
what you want to do?
get lost.
get lost.
get lost.
your membership has expired.
your membership has expired.
what should i do with my skin?
you can keep it with me, i will use it like an index.
i will wrap it on my mouth like a bandage and lick it.
i will lick it in the end of the night with a glass of water in my hand.
i will use your skin like a bandage in the end of the night.
just your skin wrapping my mouth in the end of the night, between my teeth, sucking all the stress.
sedative bandage.
i will always keep it young.
the flame of the candle is reflecting a full moon on the wall.
my former self fades away in the canvas, becomes a memory, a scrabble, signature, electric blue wave, battery, violent storm, ice.

1 thought on “Bandage (a play in the dark)

  1. One mood replacing another. Using “your skin like a bandage” is a compelling image near the end, but then “my former self fades away” into more exhilarating things than there were in the poem.

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