Readymades Esoterica & El Stinko Picasso in a Massausage Fest Catabasis For Svelte Boobirds While Eating Angry Whoppers On GTA V Fagioes En Route to a Drift Float Spa


Readymades Esoterica & El Stinko Picasso in a Massausage
Fest Catabasis For Svelte Boobirds While Eating Angry Whoppers
On GTA V Fagioes En Route to a Drift Float Spa
by Quasimofo

“Do you think Miss Saeki knew what all the lyrics mean?” Oshima looks up, listening to the thunder as if calculating how far away it is. He turns to me and shakes his head. “Not necessarily. Symbolism and meaning are two separate things. I think she found the right words by bypassing procedures like meaning and logic. She captured words in a dream, like delicately catching hold of a butterfly’s wings as it flutters around. Artists are those who can evade the verbose.”
–Haruki Murakami from Kafka On The Shore

t h r e e

…and yet there’s damnation in brevity so let’s
show our work for partial credit seating guests
kitchenside for food prep & entrée in this poetic collage
casserole where process puts a special sauce on the product..
mankind is undone by its search for meaning thru ‘Art’
mamming macaroon brigadoons into personal
preference universalivating standsardines
& Monsanto Medley.
i peek at the world from my front porch then go back inside
..on my bi week i wake beside guys & gals
realizing i’m sleeping in bedlam and have dreamt
of glistening fields of ragweed pollinating planet wide.
Life is what happens when you’re busy making planes.
–Too much scrutiny leads to mutiny and Polynesian orgy
for water bottled in Fiji.’s strange gravitas to walk the strait and n air row fe linear..
i’ve found truth between the lines in books of lies
and deception in nationally acclaimed factual gospels.
There’s a coroner on every corner.
Those who leave it will come back to it.
Randomly, the ones who love beauty the most
need to be the farthest from it.
..& Ultimately we end asking:
“What’s ‘Jack’ short for and why’s he wearing skorts?”

t w o
On Marcel Duchamp’s Hat Rack

A catnipped
octopus sun
cuts losses
hightailing it
outta this

f i v e
Planche A Griffer Pour Chat

macë kitte katu catua kotka maow gat eesa mau bushi kocka poes cat pussi kato kiisu domadh gorbe pusa kissa chat knari pishyakan katze gata biladi muca popoki cha’tool billi macska kottur biladi kutjing gatto neko bekku chma cattus katinas poocha kucing qattus miz kat knari katt shimii minoos kot pisica giat koshka marjara macka paka büsi ponnai meo kedi kitska cath ikati

o n e
lalochezia: The use of vulgar or foul language to relieve stress or pain. (Wiktionary).

Sons of motherfuckin’ bitches!
A toilet in the Alamo is not an à la mode!
& 20,000 lycanthropes under the sea are not sub-wolfers!
You can’t broaden your horizons by taking
panoramic pictures!
Let’s film these asshole painters
painting and like the shit
even more when
they tell us what it means.
i took a leap of faith
and ended up
a sponge-bathed paraplegic, once,
so pardon the shitty low T pussin’-out–
Quickie mart is the tricky art, you cocksucking bastards.
iconic: ironic–laconic: masonic.
yo dickheads, we spent all damned day
reading lyrics to songs we’ve heard
since childhood and are no better
off minus the catchy music. . .
Q & A is followed by T & A.
The young man will ponder
upon his first wet dream;
The old man anticipates
hemorrhoids .

f o u r
On Salvadore Dali’s Invention of the Monsters

caught in a
pre-fit tantrum
bake sail
into self

What ever
become of


4 thoughts on “Readymades Esoterica & El Stinko Picasso in a Massausage Fest Catabasis For Svelte Boobirds While Eating Angry Whoppers On GTA V Fagioes En Route to a Drift Float Spa

  1. Tally Ho
    ( a response poem)

    The results are in
    Life is an election
    Get out there now
    Start kissing hands
    Shaking babies

    Never mind outcomes
    The landslide is a wash
    The winners are in it
    rubbing their naked
    boobies all over cars
    lined up for questioning
    St. Peter licking salt petre
    off the fender walls

    victory is the lingering
    Pro-life procrastinator
    Stewing on death row
    offered a menu of last
    resorts style vacation
    plans, gas or needle
    Steak and potatoes
    pancreatic failure
    the justice served

    1. “Re posse’

      soak in sooth
      baby vicks rub
      we were bored and got gored
      and the babies bit back..
      he’s got mo-mullet pluck
      and tally whacked shellac
      as secret sauce on his big mac..
      V is for victory but I eat at the ‘Y’.
      ‘sorry sir, our menu’s online’..
      I am Sebastian Alabaster Casa Nova McKenzie
      middle linebacker for
      the Defensive League of the Beleaguered
      and I like poetic crockery!
      the halls of justice shine with disinfectant from the disaffected.. i’ll chow 5 links of evel knevil sausage then hit 18 holes before I throttle this chipotle Aristotle..
      death penalty for the penalty box is bull pucky sighing shucks of cornhusker reflux..
      paint those boobs Blu-ray
      and x-ray the boners..
      Hey there, Calzoners,
      twerk your dazzle muffins!
      and holler ‘Blizzard’ in a crowded theatre of the absurd. chew lifesavers from your screensavers.
      find the playlists of organ donors
      and dance pre galactic Velcro in
      swag imploding ‘verse …

      1. “Dazzle muffins” has just been stolen by this here all-star adult diaper model. I intended to do illicit and unsavory things with it. For starts, drizzled in SAE motor oil, I’ll squeeze it into a patent-leather bunny slipper three sizes to small. We’ll see where it goes from there.

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