A real good first impression

A real good first impression
by Lindsey Cristofani

This time Romeo waits at his
own balcony, talks to the
moon. Juliette doesn’t come.

And now he has to deal
with his claim that
he cannot live without her.

Juliette doesn’t love Romeo,
she just thinks he’s fun and

So now Romeo realizes that they
both must die.

He looks in the mirror and says, “What?
You can’t see you? You’re
always walking away in darkness.”
Hard he puts his hand near the small of my back and says,
“Right here”

“Scary” I say and try to
twist my head around
so that I may see
myself walking away. But I
can’t coerce my face
to look backwards and my arms
stay forward.

We are in a hallway filled with
mirrors. I turn to face the
closest one and see my face
getting into the tub.
I don’t know what they meant
In the dark
Well known, in the quality
of life as we know it.

It has become so thrill for
me to throw slide to
the scan.
That’s healed if it holds on for
one great adventure.

A life, probably by the beach,
when all of his clothes are dirty.
He’s forced to do the first couple
of loads naked.

It’s all over
the place

1 thought on “A real good first impression

  1. in the last
    the line
    struck me

    i particularly liked:
    “try to
    twist my head around
    so that I may see
    myself walking away.”

    reminded me of fiona.

    i always liked mercutio. he and – maybe rosaline, maybe Friar Lawrence – shoulda
    put some distance between themselves and the “star-crossed lovers”
    and had fun in safer environs elsewhere, beyond Verona’s walls. Romeo was wrong with his whole, “Be merciful, say death” thing and all… there is plenty outside. Just gotta run fast enough to get there.

    great work. write more please!

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