the bluetooth airs

the bluetooth airs
by Bob Phillips

the bluetooth airs
up short on an outside weird, the Trebol
for the ‘office’ , I fall back on Celestial for a taste
need to learn how to accent the e
private wire

comp suggests ‘wife’

shorthand ‘a guac’ comes a sprinkle of oil and pepper

woman gripes on christmas preps, ‘her mother’

bar mistress is flying, ‘home’ in the dead time around christmas

the Pope machine has restarted
reportress gushes ‘he asked me to bless him’
when she asked for a bless charm

Snowden doesn’t have anyone on the editorial board

‘I need glasses to see where my glasses are’, bar mist vaya

the instructor kept waiting for the automatic throttle to ‘kick in’
didn’t notice the switch had neutralized
crash on the seat of your pants, default

the Celestial tastes from rye wild turkey
char i suppose

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